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Vastu For Roads Around Plot

Plots that have parallel roads on all sides are considered auspicious. These types of plots are known as Brahma Stavam. Persons living in such plots will be subject to progress, wealth, health and prosperity. In case they face the north-east side of the layout plan then it would be an added advantage. It will incredibly increase wealth, commerce and knowledge. However, if such a place is located in the south-east corner then fire and electric equipment factories would flourish. 


  • If there are roads on the east, the west and the north-side then progress in the family will be very rapid. For men catering business will flourish. 
  • If there are roads on the east, the north, and the south then both life and business will prosper. 
  • If there are roads on the east, the west and the south direction, persons staying in such plots will be popular. However, if the financial aspect or the business is managed by women, it makes more progress. 
  • If there are roads on the north, the west and the south sides, people living in such places will have a happy and prosperous life. They are not interested in social works. The south-west and north-west sides of plots with roads on the east and the north sides (downward slope towards the north-east corner and upwards slope towards the south-east) are considered quite auspicious. 
  • If the south and the west side roads have downward slope in the south-east and the north-west direction business flourishes. 
  • If there are roads on the east and the north sides of a plot people living in them will be well known. They get opportunities for new businesses and become prosperous. 
  • If there are roads on the east and the south side of a plot, the person living here will have a peaceful life. Such people spend a lot of money on entertainment. 
  • Plots with roads on the north and the west sides will be instrumental in increasing the wealth of the persons living in them. However, they will face little hurdles in amassing this wealth. 
  • Plots having roads on the south and the west sides with slope towards the south-west direction are peculiar. There is rapid progress in business but it comes to a standstill after 10-20 years. 
  • Plots which have roads on the east and the west sides bring prosperity to the people living there. 
  • Some plots have the north and the south pole in the corners. This means that the principal directions are in the corner. People living on such plots find that success always slips out of their hands at the eleventh hour. Some ambitious people, however, prosper more than their expectations. 
  • If the roads around the plot run parallel to the building then it will prove useful. However, if the roads are zigzag in nature then one will be compelled to face unwanted troubles and difficulties. 
  • Plots with road on the east side are auspicious. While living here one gets fame and success. 
  • Plots with road on the north side are auspicious. Business prospers and the wealth increases. 
  • Plots with road on the west side leads to quick progress in business but once this period is over the downfall starts. 
  • Plots with road on the south side are good for business dealing with articles and requirements that are related to ladies. They are also auspicious for the carrying out business dealings related to entertainment, hospitals and bars. 

The road approaching from North East of East is considered to be a very good situation because it gives name, fame and prosperity to the owner of the house or plot.

The road coming from North-East of North is also considered good as it gives better and excellent prosperity and financial soundness to the owner. As the availability of these plots is rare they should be bought whenever found.

The road from North-West of west is good as it offers excellent business propositions, more contacts, better friendships relations and satisfies political aspirations. Ladies will flourish and all round happiness is present in such premises/plots.

The road approach from Southeast of South is also good as it brings good luck in finance and offers excellent financial status for the owner.

The road from South east of East may cause financial misery and legal problems.

The road coming from South west of West is invitation to bad luck . Such location should be avoided under any circumstances.

The road approaching from South west of South is highly inauspicious. It may result in to serious bad luck and loss of health.

The road approaching from North west of north may result in to instability in business as well as income.

Remedies :- 

Place copper pyramid strip (energy partition) , if you have access from the south road only. This can be placed in multiple of 9



Fix a 3 or 9  Traingular helix , if road is projected from South east


Fix 3 or 9 round brass helix, if road is projected from North of north west


Install 3 or 9 Rectangular lead metal helix , if road is projected from south or south west.

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