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Vastu for Pooja Room, Vastu Tips For Pooja Room



As you may see in the image above that the best place to locate pooja room is the North-East corner of your home. However – due to any reason – if the North-East corner is unavailable then you can make the pooja room in East or West side of your home.

The next – and the last – step to make a vastu compliant pooja room is to follow all vastu tips and guidelines for pooja room which are mentioned below.

Puja Room can be placed in any position of the House but NE is best. If separate room is not possible to be located to the Puja Room, then a small Puja box of wood or stone can be made or idols can be placed on a shelf fixed at proper place.

·         Floor of Puja Room should be down in respect to the levels of other portion of the house

·         Color of Puja Room should be White, Cream, Light Blue or Light Green. Dark colors should be completely avoided.

·         Face of Idol should be in West or South so that the face of person doing Puja is in East or North.

·         If Cabinet or Almirah is needed, don't use heavy or tall ones in Puja Room. It should be on Western or Southern wall of the Room.

·         Don't use Puja Room as a store room to keep useless things and heavy items. Only keep Puja materials there.

·         Court Case Files may be kept in Puja Room to get fast and favorable decision.

·         Statue of Idol of more than 8 inches in Height should not be kept in Puja Room. If possible, keep only pictures of Idols.

·         More than one picture of one Idol should be avoided

·         Faces of Idols should never face each other.

·         Photograph of dead people should not be kept in Puja Room.

·         If the dead person is treated as 'Pitra' (in some religion) then the photograph should be kept lower to the Idol in Puja Room.

·         If pictures of Gurus are to be kept in Puja Room, it should be kept on East or North Wall lower to the position of Idol.

·         Broken or Cracked statue or torned pictures of Idol should not be kept. It should be blown in river or pond.

·         Doors of Puja Room should be North or East facing. It should never be in South. West is normal.

·         Puja Room should never be in South direction of a house.

·         Puja Ghar should never be in Couple's bed room. If it is in kid's room, the cleanliness of the room should always be ensured.

·         There should not be any Toilet or Kitchen above Puja Room

·         The walls of Puja Room should never be in common with the walls of Toilet or Kitchen.

·         Door of Puja Room should never face the door of Kitchen or Toilet.

·         Red bulb should never be used in Puja Room.

·         Idol should not be kept directly in front of the doors of Puja Room.

·         There should not be any sound while opening or closing the doors of Puja Room.

·         Puja should be done facing East or North. East facing gives mental peace, education and health whereas North facing is good for career, business and finance.

·         Different religions have their own beliefs and customs. So, there is no binding on them to follow these rules of facing. God is everywhere in all direction. But we suggest Northeast direction due to a scientific reason. The flow of essential energy is from North East direction and keeping the face there may give extra energy and mental peace.

·         Don't keep any electrical appliances in Puja Room.

·         Face of Lord Brhamha, Vishnu, Shiv, Sun and Kartiken should be in West and Faces of Lord Ganesha, Kuber and Durga should be in South. Face of Lord Hanuman should be in South West.

·         Pictures of Mahabharata, especially Gita scene should not be placed in Puja Room.

·         Incensed Stick or Deepak should be kept in South East direction of Puja Room.

·         Puja boxes are generally made of wood or stones. They are either kept on floor or hanged on a wall. If kept on floor, it should have four legs and if hanged on wall, legs should never be there.

·         There should not be any dome shape on Puja room or box as it is a form of Temple and Temples are not allowed inside the house.

·         Color of the floor of Puja Room should be White, Cream or Light Blue.

·         Granite, especially black in color should never be used in Puja Room.

·         Flag of Lord Hanuman should never be fixed in steel or iron pipe. Bamboos are also not allowed to be used for hosting Flag as standing bamboos are inauspicious. So. Pvc pipes can be used or the flag can be hosted in bamboo on top and bottom should be a steel or iron pipe.

·         Idol of lord Ganesha should be kept in such a manner that his back doesn't come inside the house.

·         If picture or idol of Ganesha is to be hanged on the main door, it should strictly be with another identical idol on his back side also.

·         Back of God or his left hand should never face Northwest.

·         There should be no shutters or Iron Gate in the puja room.

·         If furniture is used in puja room, try to use the wood which is pure and is of good quality.

·         If possible, roof of the puja room should be sloped in East or North.

·         Never keep cash or safe in puja room.

·         Puja room should never be made under staircase.


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