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Vastu For Car Parking, Garage

If garage is in the West of Northwest, there will be lot of traveling. Car remains in the garage for a very short time. A car parked in the southeast requires minor repair work. The floor level of the garage should be sloping towards north or east direction. The Car shed should not touch the main building as well as the compound wall.

There should be a minimum space of 2 feet to 3 feet ( if its not possible then at least arrange sixteen inches space ) wide all around the garage. A person should be able to circumambulate it on foot without any hindrance. This gap will ensure free movement of light and air all around the living premises and garage. Never park your car exactly in the northeast. Northeast is the entry point of heavenly forces. 

Keep the face of your car towards north or east direction. North facing car is auspicious for businessmen while east facing car is good for politicians, administrators and government officers. 

Car parking is best suitable at Southwest area:

Southwest area is the best suitable place for car parking.        


Please check the Southwest corner, the car garage is touched the Southwest walls, (South and West), is there any wrong here. No problem. But this garage should not touch main house.

Car garage should not touch the North wall, when it was planned towards Northwest area. Car shed should not touch the East wall, when it was planned towards Southeast area. Anyway it is strongly recommended that better to approach one expert vastu consultant before constructing the car garage. If anything wrong happens residents may fall in troubles.

Northeast area is not at all suitable for Car shed. Please note that this rule is applies to some constructions. In western countries the car garage towards Northeast is very common.

The shastra has to be explained based on "desakalamana paristhithuladrustya". Car parking is different and car shed is different. Please keep it in mind.


  Colors can be used for the porch are white, yellow or any other light colors. Black and gray should be strictly avoided.




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