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Vastu Shastra For Fish Aquarium, Vastu Tips For Fish Aquarium

When placed and used correctly, a fish aquarium becomes master-key for success and harmony, but if used incorrectly the same fish aquarium becomes happiness ruining element. Hence, its very important to follow guidelines and principles of vastu shastra while keeping a fish aquarium in home, office or anywhere else.


As per researches in medical science, high blood-pressure, stress, anxiousness and many more diseases are cured by staring at tranquil beauty of fish aquariums. Researches also assert that if a child suffering from anxiety, observes a fish aquarium for prolonged period of time then he gets healed early.

Before we jump into fish aquarium vastu tips, let’s understand the symbolic importance of elements within fish aquarium.

Water: Water inside the fish tank represents life and if the water is moving (by pump or some other device) then it represents liveliness or positive energy flow in life.

Fishes: Movement of fishes in aquarium generates and enhances positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness. Even Chinese Feng-Shui says that the more rapidly fishes move within an aquarium, the more positive energy (Chi) they generate and more prosperity, wealth and happiness is attracted.

Here’s a complete list of fish aquarium benefits as per vastu shastra.

  1. At least one of your problem ends permanently with natural death of a fish in an aquarium.
  2. An aquarium generates lot of positive energy and eliminates negative and evil energies from a home.
  3. Good, healthy and active fishes attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
  4. Observing fishes in an aquarium relaxes and calms a human mind.
  5. Proving food to hungry fishes adds to our good karma.
  6. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu’s 1st reincarnation (out of 9) on earth is fish and hence fishes are believed to absorb a huge amount of negative energy and radiate positive energy.
  7. If you feel that a certain problem in your office or home is because of a vastu defect then placing a fish aquarium eliminates that problem.
  8. Colorful, attractive and active fishes draw attention of guests and hence they remain more focused on fish tank. Also all the negative and evil energy they give off is absorbed by aquarium and gets converted to positive energy.

Having understood all this, let’s look at vastu tips for fish aquarium.

Vastu Tips for keeping Fish Aquarium:

  1. Make sure that the number of fishes in the tank is nine.
  2. A combination of dragon and gold fishes is very auspicious.
  3. Out of nine fishes, keep eight fishes of the same variety and one of other. For example, eight dragon or gold fishes and other one fish can be of black color.
  4. If a fish dies naturally, please don’t panic and replace the dead fish with a new fish.
  5. Vastu for fish aquarium suggests keeping fish tank well aerated, clean, hygienic and serene. Use water filters, water pumps or water circulating devices and decorative stones etc.
  6. Make sure that only one person feeds the fishes regularly.
  7. Locate the fish tank in living or drawing room of a home as per fish aquarium vastu shastra. No other location of a home must have a fish aquarium.
  8. Within living or drawing room, locate the fish aquarium in North or East directions.
    Before you get super exited and rush to place your new or relocate your existing fish aquarium in living room, 
  9. Vastu shastra recommends not locating fish tank in kitchen or bedroom as it causes food and sleeping related medical hassles.

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