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Colors Vastu (How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Home)

As per vastu shastra, there’re 8 directions that we need to take care of. Out of these 8 directions, 4 are main directions and the rest 4 are sub-directions.

Here’re they:

Main Directions:

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. West


  1. North-East (NE)
  2. South-East (SE)
  3. North-West (NW)
  4. South-West (SW)

Also, each and every direction and sub-direction in vastu shastra is associated with a color. Hence, that color becomes the dominating color for that particular direction.

Here’s an image, which I’ve created, for better – and easier – understanding of the concept. The image reveals to you the directions and sub-directions and the colors associated with them.

Taking from the image above, you can – and I know you’ve – deciphered that there’re various colors and color combinations that you can use in your home; but there’s still a lot to be understood.

Here’s what I mean

For example: The best color for North side (from the image) is green (and its shades). Now, painting the whole North of the house in green color would certainly make it look very odd.

Furthermore, if each direction is painted with the exact color (as from the image) then the house would end up looking ugly and patchy. Hence, North will be green, East will be white, West ends up being blue and South is red in color. There doesn’t seem to be any balance of colors in a house like that.

Hence, you need to take care while coloring rooms of your home. Now, depending upon which direction a room is located you need to decide the best suitable colors for it. Ok, it may get overwhelming to think that much and understand everything; hence, I’ve sculpted the next section of this article as a room by room coloring guide that’ll help you to understand and choose the best colors for each room of your home depending on the direction they’re located. All you need to do is to just read on carefully.

Colors Vastu – The Complete Room by Room Home Coloring Guide

Each and every room in a house is different and that’s because every room has specific purpose. For example, bedroom for sleeping, living room for entertaining guests and spending leisure time with family, kitchen for cooking and so on.

Also, you’re now aware that colors can – and they do – have a significant effect on our moods and thought process. What this all means is that if we’re using wrong colors at wrong places then there’re chances – and very good chances – that we’ll end-up messing something in our lives.

Here’s an example for better understanding:

Suppose a master bedroom that’s painted completely red. Now, as you may know, red color represent “Fire” element and uncontrolled fire leads to chaos; hence, any couple (or even an individual) that sleeps in this – red colored – bedroom for prolonged periods of time will have temperament issues. There’ll be fights within the family, with neighbors, even quarrels in office etc.

I assume – and believe at the same time – that the example above would suffice to understand the balance that colors can – and they do – bring into the life.

On that note let’s start learning what colors are best suited for each and every room of a home. I’ve also provided some examples for better understanding of concept of vastu colors.

Below are room-wise vastu guidelines for choosing the best colors for each and every room of a house.

Master Bedroom Colors:

As you might be aware of the fact that as per vastu shastra, SW is the best place to locate the master bedroom. Also, from the previous section of the article, you can relate that the best suited color for SW is brown and its shades. Hence, it’s apt to say that one of the best – and a must have – color for the master bedroom is brown.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just go ahead and paint the entire bedroom in brown color.

You see, master bedroom is mainly used for 2 purposes:

  1. Relaxation (while sleeping)
  2. Physical pleasures (having intercourse)

These 2 points are also to be considered while coloring the master bedroom of your home.

Hence, for relaxation part you can use blue color and for love making thing pink is very good (as pink is usually associated with love).

Furthermore, using a combination of brown, blue and pink will ensure that there’s a good balance in life. The blue and pink are masculine and feminine colors respectively (hence they represent balance between couple) and the brown color gives stability.

Kid’s Bedroom Colors:

Some of the best colors that you can choose to use in kid’s bedroom are light green and shades of light yellow. This’ll help the kids to concentrate more on studies and less on wasting their time. Avoid using dark blue color for kid’s bedroom as it may lead to health issues like running nose, cough and cold etc. Also avoid more of red color in kid’s bedroom as it may lead to temperament issues.

Living Room Colors:

Living room is the place where you entertain your guests and also spend quality time with your family. Now, depending upon the location of living room in your home you need to settle on for the best colors. Just keep one thing in mind that the living room (with the chosen colors) should look serene and welcoming.

Here’s an example: Suppose, in a house, the living room is in NW. From the previous section of the article, you know that the best color for NW is white and its shades. Hence, you can use more of white color in the living room. Obviously, using only white color won’t make the living room lively and welcoming; hence you can use tinges of some other colors too such as, blue, green, a bit of red, light yellow and more.

Pooja/Prayer Room Colors:

The Pooja room is the sacred room or part of the house. As per vastu shastra, the best place to locate a pooja room is NE part. Also, from the previous section of the article, you can relate that the best colors for NE are yellow, green and blue.

Hence, the best colors for pooja room are light yellow, white, cream, light green, light blue etc. Please avoid using dark colors especially red, black, brown etc. More on pooja room vastu @ Pooja Room Vastu Shastra

Kitchen Colors:

As per vastu shastra, the best place to locate a kitchen is the SE corner of the house (NW is the second best). Also, you might know that SE is the place of “Fire” element and fire is represented by red color. Hence, the kitchen must have some tinge of red color (may be a stripe here and a strip there) or you can have a red dinner set. White, silver, yellow, orange, rose, light chocolate etc. are best to use as floor and wall colors of kitchen. Again, avoid using dark colors.

Bathroom & Toilet Colors:

Bathrooms and toilets are best colored using light colors such as white, light yellow, shades of light blue, lime green, light pink etc. Avoid using dark colors for walls, floors and tiles in bathroom and toilets.

Here’s an example: As per vastu shastra, one of the best location for a bathroom is the West side of the house. Also, from the previous section of the article you can understand that the best color for West side is Blue. Hence, if there’s a bathroom in West of your home, then try to have blue color accommodated in it. You can have white and blue color wall tiles.

Staircase Colors:

Having light colored staircase in a home is very good as per vastu shastra. While coloring staircases in your home, please avoid using red, black or any dark color.
You might be aware that NW is one of the best location to make a staircase in your home and from the previous section of the article you can relate that the best color for NW of the house is white. Hence, white (it’s shades) and other light colors are best suited for a staircase in a home.

Main Door/Entrance Color:

The entrance of the house is one of the most crucial things in vastu shastra as that’s the place from where all the energy (positive or negative) enters your home. Now, depending upon the location of main door, you need to choose colors. Just make sure that the colors you choose are light colors and they all make the entrance look grand and welcoming.

Here’s an example: Suppose the entrance of a house is from North, from the previous section, we can relate that the best colors for North is green and it’s shades. Now, an entrance that’s completely green isn’t going to look very good; hence, you can choose more colors that’ll look good in combination with green color. Just make sure to have some amount of green coloring on or near the entrance. You can also place plants (small and lush green ones) near the entrance to achieve this.

Car Parking or Garage Colors:

White, cream, yellow and other colors in light shades are good for car parking or garage in your home. Also, make sure that the garage is as per vastu shastra;


  1. Whatever colors you choose for rooms of the house, just make sure to avoid darker shades.
  2. The ceiling – of all the rooms – must be white (no other color is allowed). This means that white color should dominate the ceiling.

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