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Shape of the Plots

Following are the Shapes of the Plot / Site with their relative effects on its owners: 

  • Square / Rectangular: A square or a rectangular plot is very good. The rectangular plot provides overall growth in all spheres of life
  • Circular plot: Though rare, this might form the middle of a circular road. Only a circular building should be built here. Any other shape is inauspicious and causes bad results. This building is said to increase mental capacities of the inmates
  • Oval or Elliptical: The oval plot is bad for commerce as well al for living. It causes loss in many ways
  • Octagon: People who are residents here get prosperity. This shape has 8 sides and 8 angles
  • Parallelogram: Financial losses and quarrels, discord in the family are indicated if the plot is so shaped
  • Hexagon: Six sided plots with almost equal sides brings progress to the family members and prosperity
  • Triangular: There are only three corners and three sides in this plot. This is very bad and has to be corrected. This plot occurs in the corners where two roads meet in acute angles. This plot causes problems from higher authorities or law and is also detrimental to progress. Problems due to fires and constant payment of penalties is indicated
  • Sherdah: It means a plot which is wider in front then the back (like a face of a lion). It is good for business and industry
  • Gaumukhi: It means a plot which is wider in back then the front (like a face of a cow). It is good for residential purpose

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