The best way to predict the future is to create it

Recession Extension of Plots

Projection/Retraction Shape Effects
North East projected towards as well as North Wealth and prosperity, peace of mind and plenty.
North-West projected at West Good for women organisations and politicians.
North West projected North Suffering of women, mental problems, heavy expenditure and losses in business.
South East extended at East Losses and harassment by government.
South East extended at South Health problems, litigations decline in income.
South West extended at South Misery to women folk and sickness.
South West extended at West Bad names to makes, mental problems to women, loss of wealth.
North East Mars progress and prospects. Loss of children and wealth. Mental unrest and sickness leading to all round unhappiness .
North West Disease, loss of wealth, fear of life and theft.
South East Poverty and diseases
South West Sickness of wife, mental worry and unhappiness.
North East Disastrous
South East Wealth will be destroyed and children’s progress in affected.
North West Progress of the family will be effected leading to bankrupty and mental problems.
South West Permitted without blocking the pathway.

Similarly, subsiquent reductions of the plot at various angles are considered accordingly.

It is to be noted firmly that if there is a symmetrical plot, it is favourable. Similarly, to avoid any kind of future troubles, plots with sides mutually perpendicular to each other should be selected.


Remedies :-

Cut in North-East Side :-

  • Place 4 vastu pyramids each in North, East, West and South of your home.
  • Place 2 mirrors such that the cut North East corner is reflected in mirror. This creates an illusion of extension of North East corner.

Cut in South-East Side :-

  • Place four vastu pyramids, one each in North, South, East and West of home.

Cut in North-West side :-

  • If there’s a cut in North West corner then place 4 vastu pyramids, one each in North, East, West and South part of home.

·        Installing  a Chnadra Yantra will be the best remedy for Northwest  Vaastu dosh (defect)


Cut in South-West Side :-

  • Place four vastu pyramids, one each in North, South, East and West of home.

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