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Pyramid Remedy Kit, Graha Dosha Nivaran Kit, Remedy Kit for Success

 Athenticated by Astroengineers Team. The pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces and its shape is identified with healing qualities. The Egyptians viewed the pyramid as a spiritual symbol because its form directs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth and form the stars and other planets. In India, temple architecture is based on pyramidal shapes. The design also incorporates domes and the main idol is placed under a pyramid-shaped roof to generate energy among devotees. This is why people visiting Hindu temples with such roofs come away feeling cleansed and energetic. Wish pyramid is a way to make your dreams come true. Wish Pyramid Yantra is very personal, effective and easy to use. Moreover, all the items in the ‘Pyramid Remedy Kit’ (‘Graha Dosha Nivaran Kit’.) are already energized by a proprietary procedure keeping in mind the Vedic methods for activating the remedies. So, now you will be able to initiate the use of your remedial solutions without having to worry about any ritual or puja from your end.  All the articles and paraphernalia in the ‘Pyramid Remedy Kit’ (Graha Dosha Nivaran Kit) are completely authentic. These items are sure to generate the intended effect. Guaranteed positive Result within 15 Days. Money back guarantee.



Vastu Swastik - This unique swastik is an auspicious symbol of fortune & wellness. The multipurpose Vastu Swastik Gold can use to bring prosperity, success & fast progress at home & workplace (ideal for all homes, office, shops & factory). It is also very effective for cash and sales counters & also at spiritual places.




Wish Pyramid -.Wish pyramid is being tried for making your dreams come true with your own power. It helps to fulfill your reasonable wishes and also helps to harmonize your relationships with others and to make your environment lively, happy and vibrant. They absorb the topmost celestial cosmic energy inside themselves. The space inside pyramids increases and vibrates the electro-magnetic energy and the bio-cosmic energy along with other forms of energies present inside. Just write your wish on a plane paper ( without Lining ) fold it and put it under the copper dome of wish pyramid.




Nav Grah Shanti Yantra – New pocket size pyramid yantra for good fortune and health. Ready to use, just paste your passport size photo on back of yantra and put your signature on specified place on it.  Than place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony gives miraculous results such as;  Luck & Fortune, Money & Finance, Energy & Health and for Business & Career. Get the unique feature of pre-programmed 9 copper pyramids and a gold base disc at the bottom. Plus explore the power of vedic yantra inbuilt on the top for optimum results. So just keep  a card and enter the world of more fortune, happiness and health today!

Price : 1200/- INR


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