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Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit

People, electronic gadgets – fridge, TV, microwave oven and all other equipments always releasing negative energy

It could have come from a person with negative energy who was visiting your home.

It could be the result of strong negative emotions that you’ve had such as grief, anger or jealousy.  So it’s important to have something in your home that can absorb some of that energy. Smudging and Sea Salt ( Samudrik Namak ) do just that. 

Smudging is an ancient practice used for healing and energy clearing.

Smudging is an ancient ritual that is done to get rid of negative energy in a particular location. Once the ritual is done, the negative energy is replaced with energy of peace and harmony. When smudging takes place, herbs such as Sage, Guggule, Cedar, Rosemary,  Sweet Grass, Hyssop, Roots of Valerian  and the smoke attaches to the negative energy. 

This kit is a wonderful tool to have.  They remove negative energy in the process.  Intend that the positive energy transforms or eliminates the negative energy that is in the room.

Sea Salt ( Samudrik Namak ) is well known for its powerful spiritual remedy to counteract the harmful unseen black energy, negative energy and drain it out of our system. Performing the salt water treatment on a daily basis helps to remove this black energy from our body & home.

people generally regarded rough salt (khada namak) as sea salt, but sea salt is very different from Khada Namak in all aspects.





Clean the floors of your entire house. Add a half cup of Samudrik Namak to a mop bucket filled with warm water.

Sage stick – made of Sage, Guggule, Cedar, Rosemary,  Sweet Grass, Hyssop, Roots of Valerian  all are well known for their negative energy cleaning properties. And nice feather for smudging and Free smudging directions.

Price : 750/-INR

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