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About Astroengineers

Astroengineers is a pioneer institute in India which is providing astrological and vaastu services on no loss no profit basis since 1992. The founder of Astroengineers is an civil engineer. He is well known for his accuracy in astrological predictions. is a branch of Astroengineers which provides its clients genuine & suitable gems at right price. We believe in making people's life happy by these sacred and holy gemstones. Astroengineers brings gemstones as a blessing in your lives.

We are known for being the best provider of gemstones worldwide. Astroengineera himself provides suggestions & information on what gemstone should you go for. Our blog contains many articles related to Gemology and how to use these precious stones.

Happiness is what every being aspires for. There can be no compromise on it. Gemstones provide a path of achieving happiness and we are proud to provide you with such precious gemstones.

We, at Astroengineers are careful to choose among the varied offerings of gemstones to provide you with nothing but the best! We always aim to bring you the ultimate in quality and choice. We source rough gemstones directly from mining areas in various African & Asian countries, which are then cut and polished into beautiful and elegant gems of our choice & fine taste. Unlike most other gem dealers, all gemstones we sell are guaranteed Natural and Untreated. Our all gemstones are reputed lab certified.

Astroengineers started practicing Astrology in 1992, along with the vastu knowledge of houses, shops, offices and factories, he included this knowledge in his engineering work. He has achieved success in all his work with the help of astrological calculations. When he was passing through mahadasha of SUN, he represented India in wild life photography and cemented his place in top 10 wildlife photographr of India. By reading the statics and great positions of Moon Mahadasha and succesfully established two digital photo developing and printing colour labs in different cities. Under Mangal Mahadasha he successfully compleated many Real Estate Projects and Madhya Pradesh Govt. construction projects under his contractorship. To become an astrologer, one should have some special planet combination or yoga in his Horoscope.Astroengineers has Mangal and Mercury in combination in second house of his Horoscope and strong sun is situated in his first house of Horoscope with strong venus. These combination makes him a successful and a true Astrologer.

We thank you for visiting Astroengineers and hope to win the privilege of serving you. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you...